The Sami (Laplanders) are the indigenous people who inhabit the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.  They are known for their reindeer herding and fine embroidery and sewing skills.  Their traditional craft of woven silver and pewter embroidery thread hand sewn to reindeer hide caught my attention a few years ago.

Although I can’t claim Scandinavian heritage, I am attracted to the simplicity of the designs, appreciate the workmanship, and love the softness of the reindeer leather.  My daughter Lauren does most of the braiding, leaving the patience of the time consuming leather sewing to me.

Our Samis are made from reindeer hide, reindeer antler buttons and woven thread made of pewter and 4% silver (nickel free) imported directly from a small town just south of the Arctic Circle in Sweden. We are excited to bring this ancient craft in line with the fashion trends of today using the traditional materials and designs of the Sami people.

Please take care of your handcrafted piece by not getting it wet: the leather doesn’t like it and neither does the thread. The reindeer hide is both supple and durable and ages beautifully if taken care of.


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