Hello Again!

August 10, 2016By sarahNews No Comments

It’s been 6 years since Lauren and I started making wrap bracelets on the beach in Buccaneer Bay, on Thormanby Island, BC. In that time, Sass Designs has been sold in more than 10 stores across Canada and our web sales have stretched as far as New Zealand and France. Our product line has expanded … Read More

Wrap Bracelets

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Sass Designs’ wrap bracelets are hand crafted by Sarah and Lauren using leather, buttons, gemstones and beads from around the world. It’s important to me to find suppliers that care about their employees and the environment so I am always looking for the small businesses who have a connection with the materials they produce and … Read More

Sami Bracelets

July 19, 2016By sarahProduct Information 2 Comments

The Sami (Laplanders) are the indigenous people who inhabit the northern regions of Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Russia.  They are known for their reindeer herding and fine embroidery and sewing skills.  Their traditional craft of woven silver and pewter embroidery thread hand sewn to reindeer hide caught my attention a few years ago. Although I can’t claim … Read More

Euro Bracelets

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My family spent the spring of 2012 in France and Spain.  Besides the boucheries, boulangeries and fromageries, Lauren and I found ourselves in quite a few jewellery and clothing boutiques.  We especially appreciated the quality of leather and loved that it is used for everything from homewares to accessories.  This new line of bracelets was … Read More

Sassy Sami Bracelets

July 14, 2016By sarahProduct Information No Comments

A Sass twist to the traditional Swedish Sami bracelet.  I was searching for the perfect clasp for my unique design since I started making Swedish Samis in 2011.  I found them in Europe and I am excited to offer this more affordable Sami that stacks beautifully with any Sass Designs bracelet. The Sassy Sami bracelet … Read More

I Collect Earrings

July 12, 2016By sarahProduct Information No Comments

I feel naked without earrings. I take them off every night and put on new ones the next morning. On each of my travels, I search for a new pair or a treasure to make into a new pair. Yes, I have quite a collection! My new line of Sass Designs earrings is for people like … Read More


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I used to love building lego with my son, Fraser (now 16). He would build for hours, searching the Tupperware bin for the tiny essential bit that he knew was there. It was the first thing he did every morning and the last thing he did before going to bed. He built masterpieces while my … Read More

Tucson Rock and Gem Show

March 15, 2014By sarahNews No Comments

Last month I attended my first gem show.  Not only was I craving some warm air, I also needed inspiration and some instruction to embark on my earring and necklace line.  With warm air and palm trees calling me, I descended upon the dessert town Tucson AZ.  Inspiration abound, I shared 5 days with 10,000 … Read More

Hello World!

October 11, 2011By sarahNews No Comments

First posted in Oct 2011 – The launch of my first website With the success of my first official market day yesterday, my Etsy shop loaded with 40 items and my website finally complete, I feel confident in welcoming the world to sassdesigns.com.  I’ve already had my first international customer, thanks Hélène from Marseille!  So … Read More